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Personal Income Tax

With over 20 years experience in preparing income tax returns for clients, Tax Van Inc has the knowledge to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to and to ensure that you don't receive a nasty surprise in the future from CRA seeking unclaimed income. We take pride in having success in recovering unexpected credits for some clients from their tax returns prepared by others.



Old Unfiled Tax Returns

Tax Van Inc can help you get your prior year tax returns filed if not done already. Some people don't file as they have little income or "under the table" income, but with various tax credits there might be no tax payable or there might even be a refund. Without filing tax returns, missed benefits might include hundreds of dollars in GST/HST credit and thousands in Canada Child Tax Benefit.



Small Business Income Tax

 Whether it be a rental property, a part time home based business, or a full time venture, Tax Van Inc is able to help you with the write-offs you are entitled to. The deadline for your tax return might not be until June, however any tax owing would still be due April 30 if not sooner. Call us to help keep you on track with CRA.



Business Services

 Payroll assistance, or full payroll services from paycheque to T4 is available. Assistance with incorporation concerns is available, as well as lease-buy assistance. Tax Van Inc can also assist with collections of your bad debts from customers, clients, or tenants.



Corporate T2 Income Tax

Corporate income tax returns often have deadlines different from personal tax returns. Tax Van Inc can prepare and file your T2 returns, while your focus is on your business.



Estate T3 Income Tax

Estates are complex and are not something most people have experience with until they suffer a loss of a parent or spouse. Tax Van Inc can assist by preparing and filing the deceased's final tax return(s) and any required estate tax returns.



Assistance With Estates, Pensions, Employment Terminations

When a person passes there is more than simply the final tax returns to be concerned with. Tax Van Inc can assist you and your lawyer with any accounting issues, CPP death benefit, and investment issues. By contacting us early in the process we might be able to help you avoid future costs.


Making decisions regarding your pension and retirement can be expensive if you lack the knowledge. Tax Van Inc can assist you and has an extensive network of Certified Financial Advisors who can assist you beyond our abilities.


Employment terminations can result in severances or buyouts. Before you sign back any offer from an employer be sure to seek legal advice, then call us. There are tax implications to the various severance methods that an employer might offer.



Debt Consulting

Many people have the ability to pay down debt however they lack the discipline. Tax Van Inc can set you up with a life plan roadmap to show you how to get to where you want to be.